Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Well, at long last it is almost 12 months since the surgery last Feb 25th. How time flies in retrospect. I am so pleased! The breathiness is gone and many people have forgotten I had sd. The only slight noticeable thing to me is that I don't have high pitches for voice exercise, speaking or singing but otherwise everything seems just fine. I have no regrets and am so glad I had the surgery. It was no picnic the first few weeks but has been since!

 I will post some voice samples as soon as I have a chance.Hopefully some from before surgery as well even as far back as 1975 or so.  Stay tuned. Have now met in person and on line many of the 350 plus people who have had the surgery and most are similarly pleased it seems, even some dating back 15 years so that is hopeful for the future!  Check on new facebook page: slad-r folk

 Enjoy the rest of winter! We have tons of snow and cold here in NH so off to ski, snowshoe and cross Country.

  Oh, the best indicator of new voice is I can talk into my phone and have her understand and write out what I say. Amazing!  Any questions or comments, write them here or email me at or calll at 603-253-9964 and I will be able to answer!

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