Wednesday, June 18, 2014

16 weeks post surgery update

16 weeks yesterday and so far so good with a lot of good feedback from my Docs and others on latest voice recording. Trying to get them on here but can't figure it out yet or pictures either so help! Officiated at a Wedding this weekend and using a mic it seemed to go quite well. Still breathy but clear and understandable with no breaks. Just soft and a bit low and sexy I am told. Feels mellow and makes my whole state of mind kind of mellow and sleepy a lot.

But very busy with garden, activities, biking, hiking etc. Leave tomorrow to drive and then Bike across Michigan with 800 others as we do every June. Google PALM: Peddling Across Lower Michigan. Different route every year from West to East. Will need to be sure I have a horn or bell as can't tell people I am approaching from behind or whatever!

Usually just say something but hard to be heard still. I am very glad I dared to do this surgery and then post about it. Thanks for reading! Comments? Have a great summer!

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