Sunday, June 1, 2014

almost 14 weeks since surgery. Today will report to the NE support group in Boston on progress in person. A bit scary! Weekly now getting stronger voice though still breathy. When I don't see people for a few weeks they notice and comment on the difference so that is good! Will be interesting to see what the group thinks about it.

Dr Grillone who went from Boston to observe my surgery says he is hoping to start doing it at Boston Medical Center when there is a need and demand. That will be a real breakthrough for people in the NE. I may be the first one in New England who has had slad-r surgery as far as I know. Others in NY and DC but also traveled to California if they didn't have it in Philadelphia or Baltimore.

Only symptom besides breathiness I am aware of at this point is slightly stiff neck which may or may not be related. Possibly from having head back during surgery? Massage and ben gay seem to be helping it. I definitely am delighted with the results to date and look forward to move voice as months go by. Smooth and no breaks! So far so good.

Thanks for staying posted with me here. Ask questions, make comments if you wish. Still trying to post pictures and voice samples here.

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