Wednesday, February 19, 2014

one week to surgery

One week from now I should be done with the surgery to fix my Spasmodic Dysphonia which I have had since 1973. My Boston Med Center Botox MD is planning to be there to observe and I am delighted to have Dr. Grillone there. About mid jan I finally heard that insurance should pay and was given a pre op appointment with Dr Berke Monday Feb 24 with surgery the next day. He has done 350 plus of these ops with good success rate so I remain hopeful though it is scary.

Will check into Tiverton house Sunday afternoon with Ruth to be ready for Monday two blocks away on the UCLA campus. Should be two Nights in Ronald Regan Hospital, then back to Tiverton or visiting with new friends who have had the surgery. Home hopefully March 5 if all goes as planned and Dr Burke approves. Thanks for all your interest and support!!!

Google slad-r surgery or Dr Burke if interested.