Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 days post surgery!

Tiverton house has free bikes and helmets to rent so Monday after pre op we rode to Santa monica a few miles west on wide bikelanes. Past hundreds of gorgeous houses and then 12 miles on cement bikepath the length of the beach. And 75 degrees perfect sun. Nice for day before surgery.

That was to be at 3tuesday but ahead of schedule so in at 12.30with going under about two . In recovery about six and never did See Dr Grillone as he had flight home about then. So glad he was there and The big team said they enjoyed him and hope he will do it in the east- Boston where he could be first in NE. He is my Botox dr and hopefully I won't need that anymore but maybe should just to support him. Thanks again for being here. Hope it was useful as a long way to come.

Now 48hours in recovery in two different well attended rooms. Great nursing, etc. Rather gruelling to say the least as huge quantities of phlemn I had been warned about by docs and other patients. Suction machine helps but can't take it with me tomorrow. No pain or soreness but tons of coughing loose and breathy dealing with the phlegm. Yuck. Last night I had delusions or fear that the muscle was cut too much so I would be breathy and unable to catch my breath ever pretty scary and not much sleep first day or night but better last night wih cough meds and ativan to calm me.

First meal arrived so will break now as eating and learning to swallow is another story. Feeling much better today. Great having Ruth and my sister Anne here too. Thanks for all your messages, prayers and best wishes. Incidentally I will have a smooth but very breathy soft voice for up to a year before volume builds back in with the newly reentervated nerves.

Google the op and doc as suggested above if you wish more details! probably for most this is more than enough. Send questions. Y V Er


  1. Good to hear from you and thankful the surgery went well. Be patient with yourself...the best progress is slow and steady!

  2. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your direction. You will get there! We are all glad that Ruthie, and Anne, are able to be with you … and thanks for bringing us along on this journey, too. {Hugs!}

  3. It's wonderful to hear from you already! More so that all has gone well & you'll soon be feeling even better -once the phlemy stage is over with. Take the time-out that you need for recovery. You're #1~ Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers for comfort & healing.

  4. Continuing prayers Dick. So appreciate your sharing of your experience. WIll be great to follow your progress! Safe travels. I may pass you in airport! Arriving LAX 11:25 am Tues but know you have another day or 2 there.