Monday, February 24, 2014

tomorrow at 3 is the surgery

Finally we are here at Tiverton House on the UCLA campus. Very nice accommodations and breakfast and even bikes we can borrow to ride to the beach, we did today following our intake appointment with Dr. Berke. He and his team are very professional and friendly and answered all my remaining questions: How long before I can eat: soon but have to be careful with swallowing and use thicket with liquids which I have purchased as advised.

May be able to return home sooner than next Wednesday in which case we can change our flights home for a small charge. That would be good as hotels are expensive though Tiverton reasonable. They had questions about my history and scoped my vocal chords but decided they could go ahead tomorrow as I am a good candidate though my age will make for a longer recovery than if I was younger. It may be up to a year before full voice returns. Will be breathy In the meantime like after Botox injections. This hopefully is like a permanent botox which I have now had twice a year for 25 years!

So my last food is tonight and then show up at the hospital at 12:30 for 3 PM 3 hour operation. Will let you know sometime after that how I am doing! It might be a few days but hope sooner! Stay tuned and know how much your messeges and calls have meant. I certainly don't feel alone. You are with me in spirit and Ruth and my sister Anne will be here too as well as my Botox Dr from Boston, Dr. Grillone who will be observing and hopefully making sure all goes according to plan.

Thank you all! More later. Now my last solid food before bed, a coconut donut and banana! Yea.