Tuesday, March 25, 2014

4 weeks since surgery!

Hard to believe it has been 4 weeks this afternoon. Seems rather unreal and with a mellow voice, one feels kind of mellow a lot, kind of drifting along. Have to drive attentively! And driving more. Ruth drove a lot at first partly due to my need to cough. Now much better, little coughing or phlegm just as folk said it would be by 4 weeks. Thankyou all who have been here before me. And to those coming after!

Swollen neck is also much reduced. A little stiff so tend to move it back and forth up and down. But never was sore or painful much to my amazement.....still don't know how to make paragraphs here. Sorry................

Other advantages: Lost a lot of weight, down 25 pounds from all time high so at 140 and loving it. Trying to maintain it but hard as liking eating again.. Swollowing problems much better too. Can drink and sip if careful. Also best lowest blood pressure in years so think that the stress of having SD effects that too as I have long thought. Would love to be able to go off that, my only medication other than reflux. Goal is 0 meds! ........................Not much else to add.

Ushering at Capital Center a lot and wear a sign everywhere that says no voice, Surgery. People seems to understand. And I can whisper or speak low in someone's ear if necessary. Saw Irish Rovers, Blues, Opera etc. just this week! Will try contra dancing this week, silently! ..........feel free to add questions or send them to me at randrstuart@gmail.com. Thanks for all your interest and support! Anyone know how to post photos or voice samples here?

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  1. Sounds GREAT Richard. Is there a link to the procedure as some in my Colorado dystonia support group that have SD might be interested.
    Thanks and continued good progress!